Monday, October 25, 2010

Catch up!.....

Not the kind I like to put on most foods...

So it has been a couple weeks since I have written a post, and in a way I am glad! Lets just say it has been a while since I last worked. 16 months to be exact. I have now been back to work for 4 weeks, and it feels great! I have a paycheck, adults to talk to, problems to solve, and time to manage!

But, WTF...... my riding has taken a back seat to this shit show? I have been spoiled with riding time in the recent past! With over 60 hours of work each week, I am hoping that a slow down will happen with my job, and also the field of racers in my cyclocross category!

I am going through a lot right now that I would like to write about, but cannot find the time. I have a had a CX (cyclocross) race to update about, I have the all important DR. (CDE/exercise physiologist) appointment on 11/3/2010 to update about, and I am also changing my insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor to a  different brand. This last part is HUGE, but unfortunately is also a long story....... More to come later this week!

Btw..... my CX race was cut short due to a flat tire! It was the first race I had to DNF all year so I guess I am lucky! Write more soon!

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