Friday, May 20, 2011

Type1Rider Trailer

Tony Cervati has Type 1 Diabetes and is racing his bike in the Tour Divide to show everyone that people with diabetes have no limitations. Tour Divide is a 2,845 mile mountain bike race from Banff, Canada to Antelope Wells, NM (Mexico/US border) along the great divide. This race climbs a total of over 200,000 ft from start to finish, and takes an average of 3-4 weeks. The race must be done unsupported. All racers must utilize the same facilities that are available to everyone on the route, and no racers can pre-arrange any sort of stop for anything, including supplies. This will be an epic feat for him and for diabetes.

Please help Tony and TapRoot Films create the film. Go to the Kick Starter page below and show your support. Please share this information in all your social media outlets, blogs, email and websites so that this film can happen. I know every single person who reads this is in someway affected by diabetes

Tony: @type1rider on Twitter
TapRootFilms: @taprootfilms on Twitter
Kick Starter site:

Please check out the trailer for the film that will help Tony help all of those who are affected with diabetes.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Quick ride post

Rode Willowdale again today..... in the pouring rain. But I had a great ride and even met up with Dave and Jean from the team, and rode with them for a while. I had a tough time with BG's today and was chasing low's all day. I think it has to do with yesterdays lingering effects of working until almost 2am and then motivating for a ride when my body just didn't want to. I never got below 90mg/dl on my ride, but was constantly eating. Life in the D! Had fun, got muddy, a little over 10 miles single-track, and stayed upright! Good Day!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

First dry Willowdale Ride!

Yeti Big Top 29er + Singletrack = :-)
Got out for a quick lap at Willowdale State Forrest. A little drizzle in the air, but I'll call it dry as my last ride out there was pouring and 40°F. Trails were in very good shape this time around, and the ride was great.

I started the day with a couple pieces of Double Protein toast with strawberry jelly. I added my 40g carbs and  BG of 98 into the Bolus Wizard of my MiniMed pump and it delivered a bolus of 4.9U. I went for an easy 1hr hike with dogs, and when I returned home to get ready for my ride I was low at 65. My CGM warned me of the approaching low, but I was out of glucose tablets in the car. You may think this is deplorable, but it happens, and I fixed the issue the same day and replenished. Set a temp basal of 55% a little after 2pm for a 3:30pm start time.

The start of the ride was chilly but I warmed up pretty quickly. I am convinced that the cold weather has an impact on insulin sensitivity. I can't back it with any medical resource at this time, but I feel like low BG's are more apt to happen in colder weather. I digress. My only complaint on my ride was a little lower back pain. I'm not sure if I am getting used to wearing a hydration pack or if riding a single-speed could be the culprit, but those are the only things that have changed recently.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Help from the DOC!

I wanted to write a blog post asking for everyone to help out a member of the DOC (diabetes online community). Tony Cervati is a Type 1 diabetic who is riding the Tour Divide mountain bike race. This race starts in Banff, Canada and goes to Mexico along the Great Divide. That's right over 2,800 miles and it is mostly off road on trails in the wilderness. Oh yeah, and it is self supported! That means there is no team car or help along the way. In comparison the Tour de France is about 2200 miles and is all on roads. This will be an epic challenge!

Taprootfilms is trying to capture the race and create a film about Tony's experience. I think this film will be a great way for other diabetics to see how diabetes does not have to be a limiting factor in our lives, and that we can attempt anything.

Please read through the links I have oprovided, and go to and learn about Tony's story and why this film is important. If anything, please link to these sites/stories in your own blog posts, Facebook, and Twitter so that others can be exposed to the great things these people are trying to do.

Good luck Tony and Taprootfilms, we will be following you the best we can during your race!