Monday, March 28, 2011

Diabetic Safety

***This post is important to everyone, but especially people with Diabetes***

Get an identification accessory. My wife would be so proud that I used the term accessory with out her encouragement! Back in the day people had no choice but to wear those big clunky medical ID bracelets or necklaces. Today there are many choices. I am in no way affiliated with this company but will give them a plug anyway. I use a Road ID Elite. You can have it say whatever you want, and they have many colors, styles and other products besides bracelets.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

First MTB ride of the year

My new Rig - Yeti Big Top 29er
I can't believe how fast the snow melted. At one point this winter, and I am not joking, you could not see a UPS truck drive down the street the snow banks were so high. Stop sings were covered. But I managed to find dry trails last weekend and got out for a 1.5 hour ride.

There was a very Fall like feel outside with temps in the mid 40's, lots of dry leaves on the trails, and a few wet spots to avoid. I even saw some deer crossing the trail in front of me at one point, which is an unexpected bonus considering where I was riding.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Can I have 2 Pump/CGM's?

I was on a Minimed pump/CGM system for the past 7 years. Most recently the Real Time Revel system. I stopped using Minimed because of a customer service issue that I thought was unacceptable.

I have been doing a little research trying to figure out when OmniPod and Dexcom are going to integrate. Basically this integration would mean that the CGM data would be available on the Omnipod PDM and I would only need to carry 1 device. I am also trying to decide if I want to switch back to my Minimed Real Time Revel pump/cgm. I came upon this article (2nd entry) in my research and it sounds like there is going to be a long delay in getting the integrations done.