Friday, September 24, 2010

Kingdom Trails Again!

 Kingdom Trails in East Burke, VT have to be some of my favorite since moving to Boston. It's a 3 hour drive up, but is worth it! A few weeks ago the trip to Kingdom Trails was a bit of an adventure with my blood sugars, as I could not get my sugar up even though I was taking in plenty of carbs. Just one of those days!

I set a temp basal at approximately 9am, of 55%, and was monitoring sugar with my CGM and also verifying with my meter. I have been getting unusually inaccurate results with my CGM lately, so I am doing extra finger pricks than normal. I had eaten a piece of double protein toast with jelly at 6am, and on drive up I had eaten 2 Cliff mini's and 4 Fig newtons. At ride start (11:15am) I had less than 1 unit of active/on board insulin, and my sugar was at about 160. At this time I also ate a GU to help with the sugar crash I usually get in the first half hour.

We road Knight Slayer first! Fun downhill with banked corners, table top jumps, and some other stuff that... well just watch here (this isn't us, but gives a good idea of the trail):

So we rode this and then climbed back up to the car (850 ft gain), loaded up and went over to the Darling Hill Road side where we continued to do about 20 more miles of single track.

It was a good day! My sugars stayed stable, and I didn't really need to eat much. I had a Cliff Mini, and a GU at about 2 at a planned stop. I took 1.8u of insulin so I wouldn't spike, as my sugar was in the 150 range. We continued to ride about another hour, and I began to drop fast once at the car. I went from 179 at 2:40pm to 79 at the car at 3:40pm. I usually take a bit of insulin (3 units if my ride/temp basal is over 2 hours) to prevent a post ride spike, but I didn't need to do this today. I drank the rest of my Endurox drink to get my sugar back up, I guess I didn't need the 1.8u after all!

In the future I am going to try to make time to study what heart rate zones make my sugars drop at what rate. I don't really want to go lower than 50% on the temp basal because I also need to get the calories while I am riding, and I'd like to do it without taking bolus insulin. Munching on a few Cliff mini's and GU is almost killing 2 birds with one stone. An average heart rate of 154 over 3 ours of riding is going to deplete the body of fuel, and if I can eat with out taking bolus insulin, and keep my sugar from spiking, I seem to stay away from the low sugars that can end rides! Here is my log for the day.

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