Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This weeks riding....

I think I have turned the motivational corner, and have started getting into more of a regular exercise schedule. The weather has NOT cooperated. It has been raining, cold and windy. My job does not allow any sort of normal schedule for eating, sleeping or exercise so I just have to suck it up and get it done. Some days (rarely) I will work 8am-5pm, some game days I might do a 11am-11pm, and weekends may be a double header. It has yet to fail that my day off is gloomy, windy, snowy, cold and rainy. Even though all this can, and will, deteriorate motivation to get out and exercise I have to suck it up and get out.

I have started regularly commuting to work. It is only 5 miles each way but I'll take it. I ride a single-speed cyclocross bike with a 42x17 gearing and that can be tough in spots. I can get some intervals in if I choose, and it is really great how the wind knows when I am riding and changes direction to give me a harder workout. In the past year I have invested in some good rain gear (actually, great), a good commuter pack, and most recently a light that seems to be brighter than most cars on the road. Commuting is a lot easier to motivate for when you have the correct tools. I have also created a work 'tote thing' that has lit a weeks worth of work cloths. Now i don't need to carry all that crap with me, and since my wife works at the same place I do, I just put the dirty 'tote thingy' in the car at the end of the week. Lesson: Beat 'motivation killers' with organization!

So this week I have gotten 50 miles commuting, each in the wind, rain and cold. I topped it off on Monday, my day off, with about 2 hours of single track at Willowdale in the pouring rain at about 40°F. I was a little hesitant when I arrived at the trail, but I climbed out of the 4Runner and pushed on. I was glad I did! I get some sort of strange satisfaction out of using my gear in inclement or extreme conditions. Rain jacket was perfect, not a single drop got through, same with the pack as everything was dry. Bike ran flawlessly, although it is also set up as a single-speed so there isn't much to go wrong. My ride was about 12 miles, but I forgot to press start on my GPS so it didn't register the little warm-up loop I did, or the first part of the 10 mile loop. By the end I was getting a little cold in the hands and feet, but I was really glad I got out.

The 'D' numbers:
I set a temp basal rate of 55% 1 hour before ride start. Started my ride with a BG of 161mg/dl. During the ride I took in a cliff mini (25g carb), 6-8 oz of Endurox R4 drink mix (18g carb?) and a GU (20g carb). I finished with a BG of 88 mg/dl. I took 1.85 units after my ride to prevent the post ride BG spike. I set an overnight (8 hour) temp basal at 8pm of 85% and had no low BG's overnight and woke up the next day at 111 mg/dl.

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