Monday, March 28, 2011

Diabetic Safety

***This post is important to everyone, but especially people with Diabetes***

Get an identification accessory. My wife would be so proud that I used the term accessory with out her encouragement! Back in the day people had no choice but to wear those big clunky medical ID bracelets or necklaces. Today there are many choices. I am in no way affiliated with this company but will give them a plug anyway. I use a Road ID Elite. You can have it say whatever you want, and they have many colors, styles and other products besides bracelets.

I chose to have the interactive version which has an minimal annual fee. It is comfortable  it stays on even during hard and bumpy mountain bike rides, and it doesn't smell after being exposed to sweat. The interactive version has a serial number and pin on the back that will allow responders to call or get online to get your emergency contact info. When a responder calls the number an automated system reads to them all the items that you have input to your profile. You can add address and other contact info, emergency contacts, physician info, insurance info, medical information and history, medication types and dosages, along with a notes section.

If the responder wants to view the online profile they will go to and see your profile

This is not just for athletes or people with diabetes or other diseases. If I had kids, they would be wearing them. My dogs wear a similar product. Everyone should wear it. So why not you? I wear it because I am almost always surrounded by people who have no idea I am diabetic. I wear it because 75% of the time that I am on my bike or hiking, I am by myself. This gives me some piece of mind, and it is smart. 

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