Monday, July 18, 2011


(8 days post crash)
It has been 8 days since my crash at FOMBA. My leg is still very sore to the touch, but I managed to ride today for the first time since. Although it is sore, I feel like the muscle is mostly healed and the swelling is 90% gone. The worst part is when I hit a bump (the pot holes here are EPIC, as are the drivers) my leg jiggles a we bit... that seems to bother a 14 inch bruise quite a bit. Maybe not too healthy to ride yet, but I really needed to be on my bike.

I got chased down by a messenger while into a head wind, but he never passed me. He stayed a couple car lengths behind and when he turned at the rotary I saw he had at least a 47x16 gear. I ride a 42x17 and probably need to bump that up al la James White style, but he didn't try to pass all the way from Boston (TD Garden) to the Route (pronounced root) 16/99 rotary in Everett. I should bump that gear up, but right now there is only 1 bike I am worried about.

I sent my Yeti back on Wednesday and they received it on Thursday. I have not heard back yet about the state of the warranty decision. I hope that I can get my bike back soon as there are some major events planned for kids with Diabetes and MTB'ing that I need my bike for. There is also talk of a 24 hour ride at Great Glen in New Hampshire, 2 person Type 1 team.

Diet and Diabetes update: So I learned something form a person who has only had diabetes for about 6 weeks, and I decided to keep an open mind and give it a shot. My newly acquired, newly diagnosed T1 friend Cody from Colorado started the Paleo Diet and has since not needed to take insulin. I do not expect these results with this diet and it is not my goal, but great for him! I need to drop some weight that was acquired from bad eating habits and 18 hours work days, and if my D #'s get better doings so, I'll give it a shot.

I have been on the diet for 2 weeks and 1 day. I have lost 14 pounds, all while eating Veggies, fruit, meats, and a few other things that were available to early humans. All that weight loss is great, and I am eating plenty of healthy foods doing it. I feel great, I'm not hungry, and I have plenty of energy. But the best part is my D #'s. Take a look...

(The only real questionable area is at noon. Basal change will fix that)
The green area is a good blood glucose range for me. It is 70 at the bottom, and 140 at the top. The black dotted line is my 7 day average. The dotted line for me has never been in the green 100% of a 7 day period in my life, and I consider myself to be a responsible diabetic. I have had a few issues with high BG's, and I am learning about how and when my liver emits glucose during hard exercise. 

This is a learning process and I have had to cheat a couple times when I have had low BG's and eat glucose tablets (no processed food allowed on the Paleo Diet), but I am not willing to compromise my life to stay 100% to the diet. For now I cant argue with the numbers or the way I feel so I am going to stick with it! I'll report again with more data...

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