Saturday, March 26, 2011

First MTB ride of the year

My new Rig - Yeti Big Top 29er
I can't believe how fast the snow melted. At one point this winter, and I am not joking, you could not see a UPS truck drive down the street the snow banks were so high. Stop sings were covered. But I managed to find dry trails last weekend and got out for a 1.5 hour ride.

There was a very Fall like feel outside with temps in the mid 40's, lots of dry leaves on the trails, and a few wet spots to avoid. I even saw some deer crossing the trail in front of me at one point, which is an unexpected bonus considering where I was riding.

As previously written, I have struggled a bit with where to put all my 'D-Crap', and it is also true while riding. Not to mention the Dexcom CGM is not water resistant, and I still have not found a good way to mount it to my handlebar or arm for easy access during rides. It's not a big deal to keep it in my pocket, but to stop that often to see my trends is a pain. I also have been having a few issues with the Omnipod Pod itself on rides. It jiggles with all the chatter bumps and trail terrain and it actually hurts. I have used Coban to try to settle the Pod if it is placed near my triceps, but that isn't a great solution. I'll keep working on it until the Minimed transmitter gets approved.

All in all it was a great ride. I stopped a lot to tinker on saddle position, brake lever angle, and the likes, but I also had a good work out. I have not hit a heart rate of 190 in a while, did it a few times on this ride! I think riding single speed is going to be a great challenge for me this year.

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