Thursday, May 12, 2011

First dry Willowdale Ride!

Yeti Big Top 29er + Singletrack = :-)
Got out for a quick lap at Willowdale State Forrest. A little drizzle in the air, but I'll call it dry as my last ride out there was pouring and 40°F. Trails were in very good shape this time around, and the ride was great.

I started the day with a couple pieces of Double Protein toast with strawberry jelly. I added my 40g carbs and  BG of 98 into the Bolus Wizard of my MiniMed pump and it delivered a bolus of 4.9U. I went for an easy 1hr hike with dogs, and when I returned home to get ready for my ride I was low at 65. My CGM warned me of the approaching low, but I was out of glucose tablets in the car. You may think this is deplorable, but it happens, and I fixed the issue the same day and replenished. Set a temp basal of 55% a little after 2pm for a 3:30pm start time.

The start of the ride was chilly but I warmed up pretty quickly. I am convinced that the cold weather has an impact on insulin sensitivity. I can't back it with any medical resource at this time, but I feel like low BG's are more apt to happen in colder weather. I digress. My only complaint on my ride was a little lower back pain. I'm not sure if I am getting used to wearing a hydration pack or if riding a single-speed could be the culprit, but those are the only things that have changed recently.

I did a little research on my Garmin Connect site, comparing all the rides I have done at Willowdale. It seems that I had my fastest lap time ever on this ride. Even faster than my race from last year! My avg speed was up 2.8 mph and my avg heart rate was down almost 20bpm. This is a good sign as I wasn't really time trialing at all. I hope I can ride as much this summer as I did last summer to keep getting faster. Below are my ride details and Daily Log from my CGM.


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  1. Nice report Andy - great to hear your lap times are down, as is the heart rate. Tuning your insulin so that you can ride / race is a hell of a feat. Looking at a lot of the low blood-sugar Type 1 Diabetes symptoms looks a lot like how I feel after riding / racing anyhow. Good on you for being so astute in monitoring, tweaking, feeding, and everything else you must have to do, and consider when exercising.