Friday, January 28, 2011

Strippers in my phone!?!

I have a HTC Droid Incredible phone. I got it in August and have not had a single problem with it, until Tuesday night. I was about to brush my teeth when it beeped, so I pushed the button to light up the screen and saw the 'Your Battery is dead, shutting down phone' message. I set it down and began to brush em'.. I never leave the watter running, but this day I did, and when I turned to say something to my wife I bumped it into the sink! I scrambled to get the phone dried off and battery out, all while my wife in the other room is wondering why I was cussing right after I said her name.

I got the phone dried off, it really didn't even get wet, and powered up the next day. The software was running funky so I did a factory reset after backing up contacts and such. After I re imported my contacts I decided to go through and clean them up, you know how sometimes you out a random number in your phone, but you really don't need it long term... So I'm going through and I get to 'Daisy' and its not ringing a bell. It's a local number. Thinking nothing I hit Delete. I move on and get to Mercedes, again a local number, and I have NO CLUE who she is! Now I start to wonder what would happen if my wife had seen my phone... I deleted the entry, and moved on. Patiently going through the rest I come to Pebbles! OK, WTF is going on! Local number again.... and I finally realize what is going on and nearly choked as I laughed uncontrollably.... at work!

I take my dogs hiking most days at an area that has lots of trails and a designated 'Dog Park' area for them to socialize. Occasionally I come across a sign for a missing dog, or an owner who is looking for their dog, and I put their phone number in my phone with the dogs name. These 3 entries were all missing dogs from earlier in the summer! I am not sure why my mind went with strippers/call girls on the sight of these entries, but we got a pretty good laugh out of it!

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  1. Awesome cover story, buddy! Seriously though - THAT was funny. FWIW my wife's iPhone went through the wash and then the dryer and still worked for about 6 months... amazing.