Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm still here..... barely!

So after a long 5 weeks with no posting I figured it was about 4 weeks past due! I have failed at blogging......

Within a day of my last post I was running a temperature anywhere from 97-101, had most of the minor flu-like symptoms, and felt terrible! Like most people with diabetes, the common cold makes managing my diabetes very difficult. My basal rates can get thrown out the window. My insulin to carb ratio's can get flushed, and my insulin correction sensitivities need Midol!

After a few days of high temps and nausea it migrated into the a head cold that would not budge. For about 4 weeks I have been a mucus coughing/spitting machine, feeling less than stellar. I missed all 5 remaining cyclocross races (although 3 would have been missed due to work schedule changes anyway). So the only exercise I have gotten has come from hikes with the dogs since the Shedd Park race. This has been somewhat self inflicted with the Holidays and all.

On top of the Holiday relaxation and extra pounds (8 lbs, yikes) I have been working a lot, six days a week! I am feeling more energetic and since my wife is now over the illness I passed onto her, the household is back to a somewhat normal state. Since being ill, I didn't really feel like posting, especially since my numbers have been so crappy. I have since realized that if this blog is to be of any motivational value to anyone out there with diabetes that I SHOULD post those numbers and what I am doing to combat them. From now on, I post, even if it is not pretty!

Some light training and hopefully commuting will commence in the next week to prepare for the upcoming MTB season. I do feel that I am considerably better shape now than this time last year, and plan to build on that. My new bike has arrived at the factory and is just waiting on a fork before it gets sent to the shop. I will write more on this soon, but here's a teaser. Yeti - Big Top 29er!

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